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Discover the UK's most exciting small companies with the #1 Small Company Stockmarket publication that includes company meeting notes, updates, and ideas

If you are an investor then you already know there is a direct link between getting information ahead of the crowd and making money.

Fast growing small companies provide big profits for well informed investors each year. Quite often, a share price takes off and it's surprising that nobody had thought of it before. Here at The Small Company Sharewatch (SCSW), we specialise in discovering exactly those kinds of companies before they become widely followed. Each issue gives in depth analysis of individual shares backed up by our company meetings.

Launched almost 30 years ago in 1993, Sharewatch is one of the most long lived of investment newsletters. Each month we alert you to outstanding opportunities amongst lesser-known growth stocks. Each issue is not padded out - we want you to get the results and so we tell you only what you need to know.

Today's small companies research, tomorrow's stockmarket winner.

Sign up to SCSW to receive the latest small company reviews and regular updates. As well as receiving the latest newsletter by post, you will also receive complimentary online access. This includes unlimited access to our entire 15-year archive of company meetings. (And if you are a skim reader like me, and need more reasons to subscribe then this is where the good stuff is.)

Remember, past performance is not an indication of future performance and you may lose some or all of the money that you invest in shares. The performance of individual companies can vary widely and some can fail. Most of the shares covered are smaller company shares which can be riskier to invest in than blue chips. This makes it even more important to invest based on good information.




Reading about shares is good but seeing a portfolio in action is even better.

If you had bought all 151 main company profiles in Sharewatch between 1/1/15 and 31/12/20, your portfolio would be showing an average gain of 88.9% (as calculated on 27/8/21 on a mid-to-mid price basis and excluding dividends and dealing costs) but obviously not everyone can buy every company we recommend. 

The secret to success is to choose your stocks carefully, buy a spread and take a medium-term view and only buy shares that your gut feel dictates. To illustrate this in action and to demonstrate the benefits of the Sharewatch newsletter "Something New" strategy, we have created our very own Growth Portfolio, a virtual portfolio which we update in the newsletter each month and which is run in order to illustrate the dynamics of managing an active small company portfolio.

When running our portfolio, only shares featured in the newsletter are added and like all investors, the portfolio operates with a finite amount of cash, meaning sometimes a sale must be made to free up cash for a new addition.

The portfolio performance ignores income from dividends but takes account of prevailing stamp duty and dealing commissions on sales and purchases to show a realistic picture.

Launched on 2nd January 2015, with a starting capital of £100,000, Growth Portfolio 3 is a virtual portfolio based only on selections in the newsletter. As at 4/4/22, GP3 has grown 426% compared to the FTSE All-Share, which is up just 19.2% in the same period.

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SCSW Growth Portfolio 3








FTSE All-Share

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