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To demonstrate the benefits of the Sharewatch newsletter "Something New" strategy, we have created our very own Growth Portfolio, a virtual portfolio which we update in the newsletter each month and which is run in order to illustrate the dynamics of managing an active small company portfolio. The performance of individual companies can vary widely. Share prices can fall as well as rise and some investments can fail altogether, so it is important to spread your investments over a number of holdings and not speculate on just one. Speak to your stockbroker if any points are unclear.

When running our portfolio, no share is added unless it is profiled in the newsletter and like all investors the portfolio operates with a finite amount of cash and so sometimes a sale must be made to free up cash for a new investment. The portfolio performance ignores income from dividends but takes account of prevailing stamp duty and dealing commissions on sales and purchases to show a realistic picture.

Launched in November 1994, shares in our Sharewatch Portfolio 1, based on an investment of £25,000 delivered stunning growth of 1089% before being terminated in July 2001. On a mid-to-mid price basis, including dealing costs and excluding dividends, this represented a capital gain of £272,142. Over the same period, Sharewatch delivered growth some 12.2x better than the FTSE-100, an index which comprises mostly large companies and 12.8x better than the FTSE All-Share.

Growth Portfolio 2 was launched in March 2001 and was terminated on 28th November 2014, with a value of £653,643, a gain of 1207.29% This compared to the FTSE-100, which rose just 17.51% over the same period and the FTSE All-Share Index, which increased 34.39%.

Growth Portfolio 3

In January 2015, we decided it was time to launch Growth Portfolio 3 as four of Growth Portfolio 2's constituents received bids over the space of a few weeks. With a starting capital of £100,000, it is already showing a gain of 150% compared to the FTSE-All Share, which is up just 11.3% over the same period (as at June '19 issue pubish date).

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But don't just take our word for it, ask your broker to run a check on our performance. Because quite simply our numbers can't lie, exaggerate or massage away poor performances. They simply speak for themselves. Remember, however, that past performance is not a guide to future success.

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