The Small Company Sharewatch

About Sharewatch

Launched 28 years ago in December 1993, Sharewatch is an independent monthly newsletter that alerts you to outstanding opportunities amongst lesser-known growth stocks. It is available by subscription only.

Each month, learn which small company shares we suggest for your portfolio - and why!

Where do we get the information?

At Sharewatch we live and breathe investment opportunities. Unlike the majority of our competitors who rely at best on published accounts or analyst notes, we prefer to personally visit each and every company we feature.


For the past two decades, the same Sharewatch editor has met the management of over 100 separate companies. That's more than 100 companies each year, every year.

Yet despite seeing so many companies, Sharewatch will only profile the shares of some 30 or so companies throughout the year.

We focus on dynamic small company growth shares - those with a market capitalisation of £400m or less. These companies are already going places because:

 • they operate in existing growth sectors

 • they have rising earnings and sales which usually means rising share prices

 •studies show small companies consistently outperform large industrials

Our expert team can dissect a company's true potential. We look for companies with share prices that can realistically double, triple or rocket even higher.

What's more, Sharewatch researches companies across every business sector. We believe that no other investment newsletter can match the tremendous range of stocks reviewed by Sharewatch. This means readers need not subscribe to separate newsletters for technology, AIM or other small caps: Sharewatch covers them all.

Sharewatch: The only newsletter which looks for "something new"

But we look for more. Much more. Sure you'll see others mention the shares we profile. Eventually. But what we're after is not just the right stocks but also the right time to buy them.

Crucially we look to see if the company has started doing something new. More often than not, this essential ingredient is completely overlooked by City analysts and other publications.

Something new is often the missing piece of the jigsaw, the reason behind the share price surge.....Jim Slater

The Sharewatch "Something New" strategy includes:

  • new products or technology
  • new acquisitions or disposals
  • new events, e.g. new legislation
  • new management

    Once a share has been profiled, Sharewatch continues to provide regular updates on its progress. You can currently sign up for some great introductory subscription offers.

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