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"I'm delighted to say that, given the results over the last year, it may have been the best money I ever spent."
P M, Subscriber 

"Fantastic value - best out there - love the managed portfolio. Regular updates and general outlook. And honest opinions even when very very rarely wrong!!"
J M, Subscriber

"I have enjoyed the service over many years and have found the quality of research and advice excellent."
P G, Subscriber

"Particularly like the portfolio which gives a good indication of how well your recommendations perform over time."
Anon, Subscriber

"Have thoroughly enjoyed my first year's issues, analysis first rate and almost irresistible, the updates are refreshing and supportive"
M C, Subscriber

"I have subscribed to Sharewatch for 20 years and found it has been useful and imformative. In partcular I always look forward to reading the Market Comment as well of course the recommedations made."
J M, Subscriber

"A good value investing tool but an interesting read also"
D McD, Subscriber

"Had I followed all your advice, I'd be very rich now. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
Anon, Subscriber

"Many thanks for your excellent service and brilliant performance. You deserve a gold award."
J D, Subscriber

"Excellent advice. Good Value. I have made good profits from your advice."
M L, Subscriber

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supplying a very informative newsletter on a wide range of industry sectors. This has helped me to diversify and seek out those opportunities that are not always apparent. Thank you."
M E, Subscriber

"Many thanks. It's been well worth it!"
H H, Subscriber

"Although I have been subscribing to Sharewatch for some time, it is only recently that I have started to invest modest amounts in the recommendations. I have already recovered the subscription many fold by just investing £1000 in Rensola and I have almost doubled my money in Hargreaves."
Z T, Subscriber

"Subscriber since Jan 1998. Only past 5 years have had sufficient capital to invest seriously and your tips have been transformational in my finances."
G T, Subscriber